The first Summer Fog Festival took place in Warsaw in 2019. The undisputed star was Nick Mason, whose appearance was considered „phenomenal” and „unique”. Besides drummer and founders of Pink Floyd they also performed: David Cross & David Jackson Band, Soft Machine, Amarok and Belive. The organizers did not rest and … unfortunately, realization of next editions didn’t happen due to pandemic.

I really like the movie „March or Die.” To the motto of the Foreign Legion. During a pandemic, it would be easiest to give up and do nothing. Totally not my style. It’s 2023, despite all the difficulties that I hope are behind us, the Summer Fog Festival is back! My goal and dream is to make it the largest known festival of ambitious progressive rock in Europe – says Kamil Kubica, the organizer and originator of the festival.

The assumption of the Summer Fog Festival is, through the widest spectrum of ambitious rock music. The basis of the line-up is always and is appropriate for groups associated with the progressive rock trend. The formula of the event remains open to other genres of ambitious playing. Nothing stands in the way of other genre of music just like: art rock, psychedelic rock, similar music, acid rock, neo-psychedelia, alternative rock and finally neo-progressive music or space rock at the Summer Fog Festival.

On the stages of the festival you will find a place not only for foreign celebrities, but also for Polish bands.

Summer Fog Festival is a meeting place for people with different sensitivities, people who are „pro” and not „anti”, people who are open to art and culture. Therefore, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and presentations will gather around music.

– My aspiration for the Summer Fog Festival is to break out of the framework and wasn’t only a national sensation. Does the audience turn to ambitious music? Contrary! There are simply no places for them – music bands and fans – where they would feel like at home. I want my festival to be such a place for rock lovers from every corner of Europe, emphasizes K. Kubica.

In 2023, the Summer Fog Festival will take place in Spodek in Katowice on July 15 and 16.