Summer Fog Festival '22 - A truly crazy world

The most progressive Polish festival returns! The first Summer Fog Festival took place in Warsaw in 2019. The undisputed star was Nick Mason, who will return to Poland later this year. During this year's edition, the master of percussion will also perform, this time it will be Carl Palmer. The event will take place at the Progresja club in Warsaw.

Lovers of progressive sounds should reserve the date of June 5, 2022. In the club (nomen omen) Progresja will perform: Carl Palmer, David Cross Band, Collage and Adekaem. Such a composition of bands is a real feast for rock fans of the highest musical quality.

Carl Palmer – when his arrival to Poland was in doubt, the artist summed it up with a short: "that's not what we went through on tour, we want to play in Poland". Unfortunately, his team members were already less lucky or resilient. But this time it has to work. Palmer is a British musician, composer and, above all, an innovative drummer. He was a co-founder of groups: Atomic Rooster, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Asia, collaborated with Mike Oldfield. Rolling Stone named him one of the ten most important drummers of all time. He has received dozens of other awards and distinctions from professional music magazines and world musicians' associations. Since the beginning of his career as a musician, over 50 million copies of the albums he played on have been sold. His playing style is unique. It is characterized by great strength, excellent precision, and at the same time extraordinary speed and often unusual meter. Carl used and uses an extremely large, extensive drum kit. The weight of the instrument he used on the Emerson, Lake & Palmer tours was over two tons.

David Cross Band – a well-known and respected musician performed during the Summer Fog Festival in 2019. His concert would probably have lasted longer, because the audience did not want the band to leave the stage. David Cross is an extremely valued violinist, a respected composer and... a university lecturer. So far, he has released twelve solo (or recorded with guests). The period of cooperation with King Crimson brought the artist the greatest fame. If you can say that King Crimson ever recorded a "hit", it would certainly be "Starless and the Bible Black". Its co-composer (as well as many other King Crimson pieces) is David Cross.

Collage – the group made its debut in 1990 with the phenomenal album "Baśnie". Their album of John Lennon covers was appreciated on all continents. Going through various line-up perturbations, Collage never lowered the level of playing and composing. In 2013, the band resumed its activity and has been regularly performing since then. In the spring of 2022, the band announces the long-awaited and probably polished new album "Over and Out". Therefore, premiere songs should appear during the performance.

Adekaem – they are getting better and better with each album, their music is getting more and more mature. How are they live? There will be an opportunity to check it out during the festival. They have recorded three albums so far. Each time they gained more and more devoted fans. Inspired compositions, rich arrangements, emotional singing, wise or poetic texts or both - these are just some of the "pluses" of the band from Tychy. There will probably be more unique improvisations live. Don't treat Adekaem as support! It will be a thrilling performance for sure.

Summer Fog Festival is a cyclical event dedicated to fans of all kinds of progrock. It was created in 2019 and immediately won the hearts of lovers of music full of secrets, confusing compositions and psychedelia. At the first edition of the festival, Nick Mason. The Pink Floyd drummer during a lively concert presented songs from the early period of the famous group's existence.