Summer Fog Festival – The Steve Hillage Band!

Gong, Carl Palmer, Lion Shepherd are the bands announced so far by the organizer of the Summer Fog Festival 2020. This line-up is joined by The Steve Hillage Band, long awaited by Polish fans. The festival will take place on September 12 this year. at the Progresja club in Warsaw.

In the circles of progressive and psychedelic music, Steve Hillage is a real figure. Born in England, he made his first musical experiments and performances in the late 1960s. In addition to recordings under his own name, he was also a member of the bands: Khan, Gong and System 7. Rich in artistic career, music was filled with a passion for music and live performances. Hillage participated in the premiere concert performance of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells", and his album "Green" was co-produced by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

Since the 1980s, Steve Hillage has also been working as a music producer. He has collaborated with such artists and bands as: Simple Minds, It Bites, Murray Head, Nash the Slash, Real Life, Cock Robin, The Charlatans, Tony Banks and Robyn Hitchcock.

– I know how much Polish fans have been waiting for the arrival of The Steve Hillage Band. I'm a huge, dedicated fan of his work myself, so I can't wait to see him perform! I hope that this edition of the Summer Fog Festival will be satisfactory for the audience. I don't want to prejudge anything yet, nor reveal too much now, but it may turn out that this is not the last announcement this year - says Kamil Kubica, originator and organizer of the Summer Fog Festival.

The Steve Hillage Band will appear in Warsaw with an excellent line-up: Steve Hillage – guitar, vocals; Miquette Giraudy - instr. keyboards, singing; Kavus Torabi - guitar, vocals; Dave Sturt - bass, vocals; Fabio Golfetti – guitars, vocals; Cheb Nettles - drums, vocals; Ian East - saxophone and flute.

During the concerts that Hillage started in 2019, the band focuses on songs from the artist's solo albums: "Green", "L", "Fish Rising" and "Motivation Radio". It will be the first performance of The Steve Hillage Band in Poland.

The Steve Hillage Band in Poland will headline the Summer Fog Festival in Warsaw, September 12, Saturday, Klub Progresja, Fort Wola 22. So far, performances by Carl Palmer and the bands Gong and Lino Shepherd have been announced. Passes will be available for sale in May - PLN 249. They will be available via: ebilet.pl, progresja.com and goout.pl. The organizer does not rule out that the four teams already announced will be joined by more.