This year, a real celebration of fans of all kinds of progrock will last for two days. On July 15 and 16, Katowice's Spodek will host a festival with Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Steve Hackett from Genesis as headliners. This is not the end of the list of stars that will appear at the Summer Fog Festival '23.

Kubica Management is proud to present a set of performers who will perform during the festival dedicated to ambitious rock music. The festival is opened by the founder and drummer of Pink Floyd. After the last concert in Poland (Łódź, Wytwórnia club, 2022) he said: "the event was so amazing that I just can't imagine not playing in Poland again!"
Nick Mason – to write "legendary" or "iconic" is not enough. Nick Mason is the drummer of Pink Floyd and the only member of the group who played on all of its albums and concerts. Mason with a first-class company of musicians / friends at his concerts resurrects the first, most psychedelic period of Pink Floyd. On tour, he takes proven musicians who do not have to be ashamed of their solo achievements. In Łódź, next to the leader, the following will appear on stage: Gary Kemp (guitar and vocals, Spandau Ballet), Lee Harris (guitar, Blockheads), Guy Pratt (bass, Pink Floyd) and Dom Beken (keyboards).
Steve Hackett – released several dozen albums, and many of them are considered true masterpieces. He performed with Genesis and GTR, but it was his solo achievements that brought him fame and the admiration of fans. First of all, he is a guitarist, he fulfills himself artistically in the recording studio and during concerts. Hackett's rich, almost orchestral, melodic style is extremely characteristic and technically difficult to imitate, which is why it is valued as unique. Hackett is not only a rock guitarist, but also a classical one. The musician has achievements in classical music for the guitar as a performer, arranger, teacher and composer. His "Midsummer Night's Dream" was one of the best-selling classical records of 1997.
SBB - the group was founded by Józef Skrzek in 1971. And as you know, everything Józef touches turns into musical gold. The band reaches and reached for various musical genres: blues-rock, jazz-rock, or progressive rock. For nearly 30 years, the band has undergone many line-up and concept changes. In 2000, SBB returned to the rock scene. Extended tracks have been replaced with shorter ones, and one could say "sharper". Concerts, however, are still a surprise - the band can reach for pieces from the older repertoire at any time or play a confusing, hypnotic improvisation.
SBB during the Summer Fog Festival 2023 will perform in the following line-up: Józef Skrzek - vocals, bass guitar, banjo, harmonica, keyboards, double bass, percussion instruments; Apostolis "Lakis" Anthimos - guitar, bouzouki, drums, percussion instruments, bass guitar, keyboards and Jerzy "Keta" Piotrowski - drums, percussion instruments.
Riverside - this is a band that probably needs no special introduction... So let's give the floor to the leader of Riverside. "Before we started coming up with a new album, I asked myself a few questions," says the band's leader, Mariusz Duda. Some of questions were personal or about current world, but mostly about the band, e.g. "What is Riverside best at? There were two answers: "In melodies and ... in concerts!". "When is Riverside...most herself?" And I think the word "concerts" comes to mind again. “Hmm… paradoxically, we don't spoil our fans with live releases, so maybe it's time to record a studio album that musically reflects the character, dynamics and exuberance that appear during our live performances? Especially since we really want to say goodbye to the decade of sadness and melancholy that has dominated recent albums.
The latest album "ID.Entity" is definitely the beginning of a new musical path for Riverside. Many of the important issues raised on the latest album make "ID.Entity" not only a solid musical and lyrical start to Riverside's third decade of activity, but also one of the most important albums in the band's entire career.
Steve Hillage – in the circles of progressive and psychedelic music, Steve Hillage is a true figure. Born in England, he made his first musical experiments and performances in the late 1960s. In addition to recordings under his own name, he was also a member of the bands: Arzachel, Khan, Gong and System 7. A career rich in artistic events was filled with passion for music and live performances . Hillage attended the premiere concert performance of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells". Since the 1980s, Steve Hillage has also been working as a music producer. He has collaborated with such artists and bands as: Simple Minds, It Bites, Murray Head, Nash the Slash, Real Life, Cock Robin, The Charlatans, Tony Banks and Robyn Hitchcock.
Gong – the group was founded in 1968 and, like most groups from those years, its members decided to create music that no one would be able to pigeonhole. Thus, the band is credited with the following styles: psychedelia, space rock, jazz, avant-garde, krautrock, electronic rock, experimental rock, progressive rock and surreal soundscapes. At the same time, Gong is considered one of the groups, the progenitors of punk rock.
Gong, in the intention of the founders, was supposed to be like an ever-changing entity that forever moves to unknown - subconscious - territories. The band has released several dozen studio and live albums, but the full discography also includes albums released by side projects related to the group. They were: Planet Gong, Mother Gong, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Gongzilla, NY Gong and Gongmaison. The turbulent history of the formation is not only constant changes in musical styles, but also personnel reshuffling. Over the years of the band's existence, nearly fifty musicians from virtually every continent have passed through the group's ranks.
O.R.k. – the group consists of: Italian vocalist, producer and award-winning composer of film music Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari a.k.a LEF (lead vocals), Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson (drums), Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree (bass) and Carmelo Pipitone of Marty Sui Tubi (guitars). How do you define O.R.K. music? According to Frank Zappa's humorous sentence, you can't. It would seem that it is impossible to harmonize Lef's powerful vocals, Pipitone's energetic riffs with inventive Mastelotto rhythms and Edwin's characteristic tones. O.R.K music cannot be compared to anything else. This is proven on records and will certainly be confirmed during a concert.
Collage – the group made its debut in 1990 with the phenomenal album "Baśnie". Their album of John Lennon covers was appreciated on all continents. Going through various line-up perturbations, Collage never lowered the level of playing and composing. In 2013, the band resumed its activity, and since then it has been giving concerts regularly. In December 2022, the band released the long-awaited and extremely polished new album "Over and Out". There are only five compositions on the album, but while the shortest of them is less than five minutes, the title track is a twenty-minute sound feast for the most demanding fans of Collage and progressive rock in general. Musically, despite a long-term break in activity and personnel changes, we managed to maintain the character known from such albums as: "Baśnie", "Safe" or "Moonshine". The whole is complemented by the presence of a special guest on the album - Steve Rothery, guitarist of Marillion on a daily basis.
One-day tickets at the price of PLN 349 will be available from April 1. A two-day pass for PLN 499 (seated, numbered seats) is available at www.eventim.pl www.eventim.pl

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