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Collage – the group made its debut in 1990 with the phenomenal album "Baśnie". Their album of John Lennon covers was appreciated on all continents. Going through various line-up perturbations, Collage never lowered the level of playing and composing. In 2013, the band resumed its activity, and since then it has been giving concerts regularly. In December 2022, the band released the long-awaited and extremely polished new album "Over and Out". There are only five compositions on the album, but while the shortest of them is less than five minutes, the title track is a twenty-minute sound feast for the most demanding fans of Collage and progressive rock in general. Musically, despite a long-term break in activity and personnel changes, we managed to maintain the character known from such albums as: "Baśnie", "Safe" or "Moonshine". The whole is complemented by the presence of a special guest on the album - Steve Rothery, guitarist of Marillion on a daily basis.